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The 7 Deadly Sins of Penis Enlargement

There is absolutely no doubt that the majority of men wish they had bigger penises. The reasons for this are many. They want to impress their women, they want to feel superior to other guys and they dread that the day may come when their girlfriend says, “My ex was 3 inches longer than you”.

Having a small penis is anathema to most men and they will do anything to solve this problem. The sad fact is that many men do. They engage in practices that are ineffective at best and totally unsafe and injurious at worst.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the sins that men commit when trying to enlarge their penis. You would be wise to avoid these mistakes lest you hurt yourself or your dick drops off. The key to enlarging your penis is to do it naturally, progressively and safely.

Penis Pills – A huge mistake. A waste of money and time. Millions of men around the world have consumed these pills in the hopes of lengthening their member. Almost all have failed. Do not believe the hype you see on websites. Most claims, testimonials and pictures are fake and fabricated.

The Hidden Dangers in Penis Enlargement Pills

Almost all men secretly desire to increase the length or girth of their penis. The extent to which they will seek a solution depends on how desperate they are. The sad truth is that there are thousands of men out there who feel inadequate and desperate.

They feel that they do not stack up in the penis department and will never be able to satisfy a woman. This affects them psychologically, emotionally and even physically. When they are desperate to solve their problem, they’ll believe most of the marketing garbage that unethical companies churn out.

This could explain why the male enhancement industry sees an annual turnover in the millions. It’s a huge industry with products ranging from penis pumps, penis extenders, hanging weights, penis pills, patches and a whole range of other gizmos that do nothing except separate you from your hard earned cash.